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New Release of the SBR Taxonomies - 2013.02.28

The latest release of the SBR taxonomies - 2013.02.28 - is now available on the SBR Taxonomy Collaboration Environment. As before there are separate releases for APRA and non-APRA agencies (ATO, ASIC State/Territory Revenue Offices). The non-APRA release also includes SuperStream taxonomies in the sbr_au_reports\sprstrm directory.

The releases can be downloaded from: https://www.taxonomy-collaboration.sbr.gov.au/yeti/resources/yeti-gwt/Yeti.jsp

For SuperStream there have been no changes between the Member Rollover, Initiate Rollover, Member Registration and Member Contribution taxonomies in this release and release 2013.02.26. So users of our software will not need to make changes to their applications.

The VFMI taxonomy for tax file number lookups has been replaced by the STIC taxonomy. Details of the impact of this on applications built with our software are explained in the article titled "Release of the STIC Taxonomy for SuperStream".