SuperStream and XBRL SuperStream and XBRL

SuperStream is an initiative which is designed to simplify, and speed up, the exchange of superannuation data in Australia. It uses XBRL to define the reports needed for member registration, member contributions and rollovers between superannuation providers.

More information about SuperStream is available via the ATO Superstream web site:

SuperStream Taxonomies SuperStream Taxonomies

There are two sets of taxonomies related to SuperStream in the current SBR taxonomy.

The first set are in the sprstrm sub-directory of the sbr_au_reports directory. The taxonomies in this set comprise the member registration, member contribution, government contribution amendment, initiate rollover and member rollover taxonomies. 

XBRL Messenger provides the following sample applications for these taxonomies

  • CreateMemberRolloverRequest
  • ReadMemberRegistration
  • ValidateSuperStreamInstance

The second set of SuperStream related taxonomies are in the ato sub-directory of the sbr_au_reports directory. These relate to interactions between superannuation funds, payroll companies and ATO. They include Fund Validation Services (fvsg, fvsl, fvsu), Employer Lookup (etic), SuperMatch (smat2) and SuperTic (stic). 

XBRL Messenger provides the CreateSTICLookupRequest sample application to demonstrate how to use the SuperTic taxonomy.

Fujitsu's other SBR/SuperStream product - ebMS3 Messenger - includes sample code for how most of the above transactions can be invoked with ebMS3 Messenger. For more details of ebMS3 Messenger visit the Fujitsu ebMS3 Messenger web site.