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Health Check and Tune-up

The Fujitsu Supported PostgreSQL (FSP) Health Check provides clients with an audit of their PostgreSQL, operating system and storage configuration. It is designed to identify potential issues and performance optimisations as well as provide a set of "best practice" guidelines for PostgreSQL operation.

The FSP Health Check includes:

  • Evaluation of operating system configuration. Includes I/O scheduling, memory and buffer/cache, security and network tuning.
  • Analysis of PostgreSQL setup. Includes postgresql.conf evaluation and tuning, feasibility evaluation for upgrades to the latest version of PostgreSQL, audit of PostgreSQL memory use and suitability to existing hardware configuration.
  • Storage infrastructure recommendations. Determine whether storage configuration upgrades (such as using a different RAID level, or purchasing SAN hardware) would enhance performance and provide a benefit for the client.

In addition to the Health Check, FSP can also provide the Health Tune-up. The experienced FSP team assists in implementing the recommendations specified in the Health Check.

Bench Check

If your application has outgrown its current infrastructure, the FSP team can help benchmark potential hardware upgrades and architectures to find the solution that provides the best price and performance.

The FSP team can tailor a benchmarking program to suit your application and workload by capturing real traffic and simulating database load under a variety of situations.

The Upgrade

Need to upgrade PostgreSQL to take advantage of performance improvements and enhanced functionality? The FSP team is ready to assist clients in migrating to newer versions of PostgreSQL with minimal downtime and no upgrade hassles.

Ops Review

The Ops Review is a comprehensive analysis service undertaken by FSP experts to ensure that current implementation and procedures are delivering the best possible PostgreSQL experience and are in accordance with best practices.

Depending on requirements, the Ops Review includes analysis of performance bottlenecks, review of database schema, advice on backup regimen and suitability of potential replication solutions.