Component Development Component Development

Traditionally there has been only two options available to corporate IT departments when for resourcing of large software developments:

  • Maintain all software development using internal resources, supplemented with expensive short-term IT contractors, or
  • Outsource the entire project to a third-party software company

FAST ComDev provides the opportunity to outsource discreet components of development projects to specialist development teams. The service can be provided on your premises or at FAST's facilities, enabling you to maintain tight controls over specification of the outsourced components.

The FAST team uses specifications produced by the customer to provide a fully tested and documented component, employing agile methodologies. Components can be developed that require specialist technical knowledge not readily available within a standard corporate IT department

Types of component development/construction service include:

  • Development and internal testing against specifications provided.
  • Internal and external documentation as required.
  • Project management of a team of FAST people, complemented by contract staff as needed.
  • Training to your developers for maintenance of the component.
  • Training to your developers, testers and trainers in the use of the component.

​Benefits of using FAST ComDev include:

  • Reduced need to manage disparate teams of permanent IT staff and short term contractors.
  • Access to FAST's expertise in operating systems, TP monitors, database and distributed application architectures, Internet and networked applications.
  • Rapid development of discreet components as FAST teams are already in place.
  • Specialist teams include team leaders, junior and senior developers and documentation technicians which allows component development to be delivered quickly.
  • Knowledge transfer to the customer's developers, using the component as the vehicle for learning.
  • Lower overall project costs as FAST uses its own tools and ISO 9001 certified procedures.