e-Business e-Business

e-Business is about engaging, interacting and transacting with your customers, suppliers and partners in a secure and robust online environment. It is not about creating graphic rich websites and banner advertisements, but it is essential to embrace new trends such as mobility and social media.

The online environment is made up of many components, including information repositories and legacy systems, middleware and the website.

The success of your organisations e-Business initiative will be determined by the successful development and integration of each of these components. To successfully deploy these components you will have to partner with a systems integrator, a database vendor, an EAI vendor, and a web developer. So many partners: recipe for disaster.

Or you can partner with one organisation who has expertise in all three components, Fujitsu Australia Software Technology.

Irrespective of whether you are considering creating a store front on the internet, establishing or enhancing your intranet to achieve greater internal collaboration or creating an extranet to allow better communications and closer relationships with suppliers and partners, we have the skills, expertise and resources to take projects through from proof-of-concept to production.