Fujitsu and XBRL in Australia Fujitsu and XBRL in Australia

Fujitsu has been working with the Australian Government on its Standard Business Reporting (SBR) since 2009. Initially Fujitsu, through SBR, designed, developed and provided the XBRL application programming interface (API) referred to as the SBR SDK XBRL API. During the period this product was available via SBR it was sub-licenced to over 100 software companies. These represented the majority of software vendors who were listed as "SBR ready" on the SBR web site.

In 2012 an updated version of the API called XBRL Messenger was released directly by Fujitsu for the SuperStream program which the Australian Government had started to rollout for superannuation. XBRL Messenger was quickly adopted by some of the largest superannuation providers in the Australian marketplace. Since release it has gone through two major releases which provide enhanced functionality and performance when compared with SDK XBRL API.

Unlike the original SDK XBRL API, XBRL Messenger is directly supported by Fujitsu. It is upwardly compatible with the SDK XBRL API and so a number of the organisations which originally used the SBR version have since licenced XBRL Messenger from Fujitsu. This not only provides them with direct support but also the enhanced features and performance of XBRL Messenger.

Fujitsu Australia Software Technology (FAST) was responsible for the design and development of both SDK XBRL API and XBRL Messenger. It continues to enhance XBRL Messenger and makes sure it is always compatible with the latest releases of SBR and SuperStream taxonomies, including the recent ATO "self-contained" taxonomies. FAST also provides, through Fujitsu Australia, support for XBRL Messenger.

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