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Training Training

FSP makes available training services to new and experienced PostgreSQL users alike. Fujitsu's extensive experience in software development and migration allows us to tailor our training to your requirements and answer your questions based on experience.

With a strong relationship to the Open Source PostgreSQL, and an established history of involvement and contributions to PostgreSQL, Fujitsu and its associate professionals are recognized authorities in the field. This close connection and continual participation in community activities ensures that course content always remain fresh and relevant.

The courses are designed to cover both conceptual and practical aspects of PostgreSQL and cater for all knowledge levels.

Though based in Sydney, Australia, our training team has a global reach. Courses can be arranged at short notice at suitable locations worldwide.

As the use of Open Source Software products such as PostgreSQL continues to proliferate, more and more organizations are taking the plunge and exploring the low-cost advantages that are possible. Fujitsu, as a leading IT services company with a world-class reputation for specialist consultancy services, can guide newcomers to the Open Source arena in how best to derive its many benefits.