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24 May 2017 - ATO releases new taxonomies for IITR, NITR and CTR

ATO have recently released new versions of a range of taxonomies. These differ from previous releases in that they are, to an extent, stand alone, i.e. where possible they do not reference the SBR definitional taxonomy but rather a private XML schema in the report taxonomies own directory.

FAST have been testing these new taxonomies with XBRL Messenger and, other than the following item, have found no issues with the latest release, i.e. version 4.0. Developers will, however, need to make changes to reflect the namespace conventions for both SBRElements and typed dimension names.

Because of internal changes in the taxonomies, the isEnumeratedType method (Java) / IsEnumeratedType property (.NET) throws a null pointer exception with these taxonomies. A resolution has been identified and is incorporated in release 4.1 of XBRL Messenger which will be released in the near future.

FAST are continuing to test the new taxonomies and will advise if we find any further issues.

The taxonomies can be downloaded from the SBR web site using the following links:

Individual Income Tax Returns (IITR) taxonomies

Non-individual Income Tax (NITR) taxonomies

21 December 2016 - Release of XBRL Messenger 4.0

Version 4.0 of XBRL Messenger is now available. There are two major enhancements:

  • Full support for XBRL Formulas. Now you can build business rules as XBRL formula and have them executed as part of the validation process in your XBRL application (rather than using external Schematron rules).
  • Version 4.0 uses the latest version of Fujitsu's XBRL processor - Interstage XWand 13.3. This includes a number of performance improvements, particularly in reduced memory requirements when loading or saving large XBRL instances.

To request an evaluation copy please request a copy from the Fujitsu Australia web site.