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Migration Migration

PostgreSQL is a premium-quality database. It has all of the popular features of widely-used commercial databases, and converting from an existing database can be a no-fuss, straightforward process. Fujitsu, as an established world leader in IT services and experienced provider of PostgreSQL technology and services, can assist businesses in making the change.

The four key steps in the migration process are:

  • Impact investigation and migration planning

Familiarization with PostgreSQL, via freely available comprehensive documentation and case studies, is the first step in facilitating a planned migration.

  • Migrate the database model/schema to PostgreSQL

Using the specialized tools available and the PostgreSQL customization framework, an efficient replication and verification of the existing database schema can be readily carried out.

  • Migrate data

PostgreSQL can import data in a variety of formats, aided by tools which carry out data conversions as needed.

  • Verification

This important step involves checking that all data has been transferred correctly, followed by system testing, and testing the operation of the relevant PostgreSQL interfaces and business applications using the database.

Verification via automated testing frameworks with subsequent user acceptance testing are the final tasks in ensuring that the migration has been successful and the system is production ready.

As part of FSP, Fujitsu is a one-stop shop providing all levels of planning, management, implementation, and testing of database migration to PostgreSQL. In many cases, the level of complexity of the migration process can be far less than that originally anticipated by those wishing to make the switch to PostgreSQL. With Fujitsu's expert PostgreSQL migration capability, the journey to a lower-cost database solution supporting the enterprise is a lot less daunting