Developing XBRL Applications with Interstage XWand Developing XBRL Applications with Interstage XWand

Fujitsu Australia Software Technology (FAST) have extensive experience with integrating XBRL into existing applications. In 2008 we carried out a pilot project for New Zealand Inland Revenue Department (IRD). The objective was to demonstrate that data could be extracted from their existing IT data stores and be automatically transformed before being transmitted to NZ Statistics. The project was a complete success with FAST being commended by IRD for the work done.

The software developed was written in Java and used the Interstage XWand API and processor. Two web services were developed - one to transform XML documents into XBRL instances and the other to validate XBRL instances. The transformation service used a mapping technology designed by FAST which meant that new taxonomies could be added without changes to the underlying code. It also included a pooling mechanism which allowed taxonomies to be automatically cached, thus ensuring maximum throughput.

Subsequent to this FAST were contracted by Australian Treasury to develop an XBRL API specific to the Australian Standard Business Reporting taxonomies. The objective of this API (SBR XBRL SDK) was to allow accounting package software developers to SBR enable their applications without having to develop XBRL expertise, thus simplifying and speeding up the process of SBR adoption.

In conjunction with Treasury, FAST designed the API during 2009. Workshops were held with key stakeholders and the API was developed with the first version being delivered in early 2010. The SBR XBRL SDK was built using Fujitsu's Interstage XWand Application Developer and has native versions for both Java and .NET (Interstage XWand has native libraries for both environments). Since then Fujitsu has worked with Treasury - who own the intellectual property rights for SBR XBRL SDK - to support and enhance the SDK based on feedback from users.

Through a licencing arrangement with Fujitsu, Treasury has made SBR XBRL SDK available at no cost to accounting package vendors to use for SBR Australia reporting. The majority of the vendors who are listed on the SBR certified web site use SBR XBRL SDK in their applications.

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