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PostgreSQL Consulting PostgreSQL Consulting

As the use of Open Source Software products such as PostgreSQL continues to proliferate, more and more organizations are taking the plunge and exploring the low-cost advantages that are possible. Fujitsu, as a leading IT services company with a world-class reputation for specialist consultancy services, can guide newcomers to the Open Source arena in how best to derive its many benefits. An integral part of the Fujitsu Supported PostgreSQL (FSP) service offering, is the provision of customer assistance in the following key areas:

  • Strategic Planning for new and established users of Open Source Software
  • Database Modelling and Optimization
  • Rollout Planning, Resourcing, Management, and Implementation
  • FSP Standard services – Support, Hosting, Migration, System Integration, Training
  • Database and Business application problem-solving

Fujitsu's consultants work at the enterprise, program, and project levels supporting clients through the full life cycle of their Open Source initiatives.